Preparing for Virtual Physiotherapy

How Should I Prepare for My Virtual Appointment?
Tele-Rehabilitation appointments allow you to connect with a registered physiotherapist through a virtual platform. This allows you to participate in physiotherapy from the comfort of your own home. We know that trying something new can be a little intimidating, so we have included some more information to help you get the most out of your appointment.
How will I connect with my physiotherapist?
A secure link will be sent to your email. This will contain clear instructions on how to log in to your session. You can open this link in any of the supported browsers, but we find that Chrome or Safari work best. Check that you have turned off any pop-up blockers.
What do I do if I’m having trouble connecting?
Don’t worry. Your physiotherapist can help you with troubleshooting any problems. If you have not been able to connect within a few minutes of your appointment time, your physiotherapist will reach you at the phone number you provided. They will walk you through the set-up for your appointment if you have any issues. You can always contact us if you have any questions.
What device can I use for my virtual appointment?
Our virtual physiotherapy appointments are supported by most devices with a camera, internet connection and microphone. You can use your laptop, smart-phone, tablet or computer with a web-camera for your appointment. We recommend that you check your device is fully charged or plugged in before your appointment. You will also need a stable internet connection that is able to support video calls.
Do I need any equipment for my tele-rehabilitation session?
Your physiotherapist will work with you to make sure you have exercises that work with what you have available in your home. A little creativity can go a long way. Before your appointment try to think about what types of equipment you may be able to access.
What should I wear for my appointment?
You should wear something that makes you feel comfortable and that allows you to move easily. When possible, it is helpful to choose clothing that allows your therapist to see the injured area, generally shorts for a lower body injury and a tank top for a shoulder injury or even a t-shirt will work well. Your physiotherapist needs to gather information about your injury by observing the area for quality of movement, swelling, bruising or redness and your clothing choice can make this easier.
How much time will I need for my appointment?
Your initial assessment will be scheduled for 60 minutes to allow your physiotherapist to do a full assessment and create a treatment plan that is personalized to you. Follow-up sessions are 30 minutes. All sessions are one on one with your physiotherapist. You will receive an email invitation that allows you to start your session.
How often will I need to schedule appointments?
The timing of follow up appointments depends on your goals and needs. Your physiotherapist will work with you to develop a plan that works for you.
Is there anything else I need to do before my appointment?
You will receive an email with a link to allow you to fill in all of the required information before your session. If you are experiencing any difficulties with this please contact us.

The details you provide will help your physiotherapist with establishing a diagnosis and letting you know a prognosis. You do not need a physician’s referral for physiotherapy treatment, although extended healthcare benefit providers sometimes require one. You can provide a referral along with any relevant test results or medical documents if you wish. Some of the information you provide is to help our administrative team in sending you notifications and processing your claim. You will be asked to provide your contact details and you may be asked for other information such as extended health benefits information or claim numbers as appropriate. Some extended health benefit providers require a physician’s referral to be reimbursed, so you might want to check that before booking.

Additional Tips for a Getting the Most Out of Your Appointment

Have another set of hands available
Having someone else available who can assist you with your balance or mobility can be helpful if that is a concern for you. Your safety is our first priority. Sometimes having someone who can assist with certain movements can allow you to get the most out of your session. Under the guidance of your physiotherapist, your helper may be able to learn how to perform treatment techniques that require an extra set of hands. The person assisting you can help by moving the camera to allow for multiple viewing angles for your physiotherapist’s observations.

Set Some Goals
Our aim is to work with you to maximize your recovery and reach your goals. What do you most hope to achieve through physiotherapy? What are the activities you most want to be able to return to? Your physiotherapist will discuss your goals throughout your appointments, but being clear about your goals ahead of time can help to guide your treatment plan. You can also write out any questions you have, so that your physiotherapist can be sure to answer them during the appointment.


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