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Virtual Telehealth

Telehealth – active rehabilitation supported and guided by premier clinicians with a diverse portfolio of methods and experience. All delivered in the comfort and safety of your home. Education, support and exercise guidance to aid in directing your recovery.


Online Physiotherapy Expertise

Physiotherapy Alliance practitioners bring a breadth of experience to the telehealth model of care delivery. This type of physiotherapy can be very effective and can be done with a computer, tablet or smart-phone. Education, exercise and recovery support have broad research evidence for many musculoskeletal conditions. Whether you have barriers that make it difficult to attend or simply prefer the safety and comfort of home, we are here to support you. You can obtain more information or book an appointment with one of our many practitioners by contacting us at:

Stratford (including Mitchell and Milverton clinics) 519-272-1023 or

New Hamburg 519-662-4676 or

Goderich 519-612-2345 or

Grand Bend 519-238-6827 or

With Video Telehealth Consultations, we can:

  • Complete a thorough clinical history to focus your diagnosis
  • Evaluate your range of motion and patterns of movement
  • Evaluate your strength during functional movements
  • Answer questions that you have about your condition, give guidance on how you
  • can assist your rehabilitation and help you to establish expectations about your recovery
  • Provide and refine an individualized exercise program
  • Provide and refine self mobilization and soft tissue techniques
  • Help guide another person to assist you with your recovery program